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10 Tips to Make your Relationship Work in Bad Times

It takes love and trust to make a relationship strong. But what if you have complete confidence in your relationship but still everything is not fine between you. In such a situation, you do not understand what is the reason for the tension in the relationship. In such a situation, you take relationship tips from friends. Let us try to understand what a relationship means, what a relationship is and how it can be improved. So let us tell you how you can make your relationship a meaningful relationship – If you feel that there is still nothing left to talk about in your relationship, then it is better to end the relationship. Women feel very insecure about their partner in love. To reduce this insecurity of your partner, keep making them feel that you are theirs and will remain theirs. Whenever you apply perfume, remember that its fragrance should match the scent of your body odor. Also keep in mind that the fragrance of your perfume should be according to the occasion. If you want to take a love […]

How to know about divorce and separation in horoscope?

We all know that there are increasing number of the separations or divorce in the married life and most of us end up thinking how and why does such thing happen. There are some of the couple who deeply in love plans to separate the ways. But have you ever thought that what ruins all the love and beautiful times that we shared. For the reason there are some of the reasons behind it. Therefore there is a complete astrology of the divorce and breakup that defines reasons that why such bad things happen. There are quite evident signs in horoscope which indicate divorce or separation in marriage. What are the reasons for divorce in horoscope? According to astrology consultancy below mention are some of the reasons due to which couples lead to separation in marriage: Unable to conceive Continuing premarital love relationships Having extra marital affairs Absence of communication between the partners Physical or verbal abuse by partner Financial problems in post marriage Long term physical sickness And much more How planetary movement is responsible for divorce and separation […]

How to get solution of the love problems that are arising between couples?

As we all know that love is the basis of life. Without love life is nothing. Because love provides much peace and relaxes in our mind for the strong and healthy love relationship. Love is essential because it creates the feeling and emotion in people’s heart.  Love is said to be most beautiful feeling in the world. Life is said to be incomplete without love. Nowadays we see that most of the youngsters are involved in the love relationship. Due to several reasons problems arise in the life of the youngsters or we can say in the life of the people who are in love. It is quite common that each and every relationship goes through several phases in the relationship. For the reason, it all depends on the couples that how they handle the problem.  As like other relations, love relationship also face a lot of problems in it. It all depends on the couples that how they handle the problems in their love life. At that time they seek for the love astrology. How to deal with the […]

What are the signs of the fraud partner? How to cope with it?

It is said that love is a beautiful feeling. Whenever we are in a love relationship with someone, we do everything that is necessary and right for him. We take care of our partner, spend time with him, share our happiness and sorrow, understand partner’s words. But in such a situation, think that your partner turns out to be a fraud? Many times it is seen that many partners cheat, but there are some ways by which you can identify the cheating partner. Frequent mobile check It is often seen in the relationship of love that some people have a habit of checking their partner’s mobile. But they do not even let their phones touch. Such people are known to be very suspicious and to hide their words. If you too are in a love relationship with such a person, then you should consider it. If you are not getting the solution then consult best astrologer. Habit of asking money again and again Money can be needed by anyone at any time. In such a situation, you will only ask […]

Make your Parents Agree for Inter Caste Love Marriage

Love is a very beautiful feeling in the world it does not considered any boundaries it is boundless. It is a feeling to which we cannot describe in the words or we can say that it is an indescribable feeling to the world or anyone. Love does not considered and thinks about any caste, religion or about anything it can happen at any point of your life or anywhere. Love is a very strong feeling of affection, sentiments, and emotions towards the person whom you love the most in the world, it is a feeling that a person’s happiness and sadness is very important to you, you feel happy and joyful when you them happy and in high spirit and you feel sad when you see them sad and in bad mood. If two individuals are truly in love they want to getting married with their desired partner and with the person whom they love most in the world. They want to spend their rest of the life with their desired person with joy and happiness. According to indian astrology […]

How to maintain your Long Distance Relation with your Partner?

We all heard that love is a feeling that can travel miles away. There are most of the people who say that long-distance relationship is not at all successful. There are several couples who go through the same barriers. In most of the cases sometimes the long distance relationship is good and on the other hand there are some of the times when it is worse. In today’s article we are providing some of the tips that will help you to make the long distance relationship hassle-free. If you are in the also in the long distance relationship then you can take help of these tips to make your relationship loving and strong. Accept all the flaws We all know that the long distance relationship is so hard. In this relation it is so hard to work in the terms of the emotionally. It helps to get lost love back in your life. If you are in the long distance relationship then it all depends on the planning and the organizing. Stay connected with your partner   If you are […]

How to Handle In-Laws who Don’t Like You

There are several people who are facing issues with in-laws. As a result, they are seeking for the solutions or remedies to handle the in-laws who don’t like you. Some of the people who complained that their in-laws don’t like them and they have always had a problem with them. Then how to deal with this problem? This is the biggest question. It is very tough for the person who has difficult in-laws. The most important thing is that just stay on your path and not let your problems affect you so much. It is not necessary that everyone will like you. Thus there are several people who will not like you. People will never like you it does not matter how hard you try so the better thing is that stop trying. It is necessary to understand not to waste their precious energy on anyone who doesn’t appreciate it.  You can take the help of astrologers to get rid of the mother-in-law issues. If your in-laws are not reciprocated then it is necessary that you should be stopped trying […]

Why Couples End Their Long Term Marriages in Divorce?

When people are in love with the lasting relationship with the person they love then their next step is to think about the next step that is marriage. With the idea of getting married people get overexcited and it brings a wide smile to the face of that couple. When you are living with the person you love sounds perfect but at the reality, it differs from the fiction we have grown up by reading it about and watching about it in the movies. When you get married to the desired partner then not every day will be like the fairytale for you even though you love each other. According to a report it was recorded that just the two people are in love it doesn’t mean that they will have a marriage that will straight out of. Marriage is a pure and divine relationship that comes with the responsibility and most of the people who jump into planning their wedding day and about the perfect honeymoon and they forget that some things or the issues might be leading to […]

शक्तिशाली सूर्य कवच को पढ़ने से होगी सात पीढ़ियों की रक्षा

सूर्य कवच शरीर को आरोग्य देने वाला है एवं सम्पूर्ण दिव्य सौभाग्य को देने वाला है।  सूर्य रक्षात्मक स्तोत्र को भोजपत्र में लिखकर जो भी हाथ में धारण करता है तो सम्पूर्ण सिद्धियां उसके वश में होती है। खासतौर पर मकर सक्रांति पर इस कवच के पाठ से 7 पीढ़ियों की रक्षा होती है। जानिये पुराणों में क्या लिखा है।    ‘सूर्यकवचम’  याज्ञवल्क्य उवाच- श्रणुष्व मुनिशार्दूल सूर्यस्य कवचं शुभम्। शरीरारोग्दं दिव्यं सव सौभाग्य दायकम्।1। याज्ञवल्क्य बोलते है कि – हे मुनि श्रेष्ठ ! सूर्य का जो शुभ कवच है उसको सुनो, इससे सम्पूर्ण शरीर को आरोग्य मिलेगा तथा सम्पूर्ण दिव्य सौभाग्य को देने वाला है। देदीप्यमान मुकुटं स्फुरन्मकर कुण्डलम। ध्यात्वा सहस्त्रं किरणं स्तोत्र मेततु दीरयेत् ।2। चमकते हुए मुकुट वाले डोलते हुए मकराकृत कुंडल वाले हजार किरण (सूर्य) को ध्यान करके यह स्तोत्र प्रारंभ करें। शिरों में भास्कर: पातु ललाट मेडमित दुति:। नेत्रे दिनमणि: पातु श्रवणे वासरेश्वर: ।3। मेरे सिर की रक्षा भास्कर करें, अपरिमित कांति वाले ललाट की रक्षा करें। नेत्र (आंखों) की रक्षा दिनमणि करें तथा कान की रक्षा दिन के ईश्वर करें। ध्राणं धर्मं धृणि: पातु वदनं […]

नए साल में अपनी राशि के हिसाब से करे यह उपाय और करे धन की वर्षा

2019 बस कुछ ही दिनों में जाने वाला है और जल्दी ही 2020 का आगमन होने वाला है। हर किसी की कोई ना कोई मनोकामना होती है। राशि के अनुसार यह उपाय करने से आपको 2020 में धन की प्राप्ति हो सकती है। मेष नए साल में नियमित रूप से सूर्य को जल अर्पित करे। लाल चन्दन का तिलक, माथे एवं कंठ पर लगाए। नए साल में नियमित रूप से सूर्य को जल अर्पित करे। लाल चन्दन का तिलक, माथे एवं कंठ पर लगाए। वृष इस वर्ष नियमित रूप से शिव जी को जल अर्पित करे। एवं एक चांदी का सिक्का अपने पास में रखे। मिथुन इस वर्ष हनुमान जी की उपासना करे। हर मंगलवार को हनुमान जी को लाल फूल चढ़ाए। कर्क इस वर्ष माँ लक्ष्मी की उपासना करे एवं रोजाना श्री सूक्तम का पाठ करे। सिंह इस वर्ष गणेश जी की उपासना करे। नियमित रूप से जल में रोली मिलाकर सूर्य को जल अर्पित करे। कन्या नए साल में माँ दुर्गा की उपासना करे एवं नियमित रूप से उन्हें लौंग अर्पित करे। तुला इस वर्ष शनिदेव की उपासना […]