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How can You Convince your friend for Relationship

  Falling in love with the friend is not a big thing because a friend is someone who’s mentality and your mentality gets the match and you have the perfect mutual understanding. So when you have that much of understanding with each other then in that if you fall in love with them then it’s not a bigger thing but the thing is that how can you Convince your friend for Relationship? Getting the answer to this Question is the really harder thing because a thing which always runs in peoples mind is that somewhere cause of this feeling, we wouldn’t lose our friend. And yes somewhere it is true also because you are firstly friend then you have this feeling. So the cause of that taking tension regards to this situation is the valid thing but don’t worry about anything if you are in the same situation then a thing which can make help you is Vedic astrology. Astrology is a perfect way to remove any kind of problems and issues. When you use Vedic astrological tactic for making […]

How to Fix Broken Relationship Wounded Sprit

  When a person goes through heartbreak up situation then it become one of the terrific situation or a condition for that person’s life because when a person loves someone then they get addict of their loved one living without that person has become really harder but some of the times it happens that problems, misunderstandings, and situation are like that which make couple force to  do break up but after break up living is become harder because couple gets addict of each other their every moment is only for them but when they don’t get their partner for this then it make them broken. In that situation either person wants to get their loved one back or if the situation is worst or happened something bad then he/she wants to and the Question which always runs in the mind of the person is that how to fix broken relationship wounded spirit? But getting the answer of this Question has really become harder because heartbroken is not a simple thing so get over from it is tougher than anyone can […]

रूठे प्यार को मनाने का वशीकरण तरीका 

प्यार बेहद खूबसूरत अहसास है।  जब प्रेमी युगल  अक साथ रहते है तो वो बेहद खूबसूरत पल साथ बिताते है लेकिन कई बार ना चाहते हुए भी कपल्स एक  दूसरे से अलग हो जाते या किसी कारण की वजह से रूठ  जाते अगर आपका पार्टनर भी आपसे रूठ गया है और आप उसे मनाने के हर तरह का प्रयास कर चुके हो लेकिन आपको असफलता मिली है तो यहां पर वशीकरण के कुछ अचूक उपाय दिए गए है जिसकी मदद से आपका  रूठे प्यार मान जायेगा। बिजौरे की जड़ और धतूरे के बीज को प्याज के साथ पीसकर जिसे सुंघाया जाए वह वशीभूत हो जाएगा।   नागकेसर, चमेली के फूल, कूट, तगर, कुंकुंम और देशी घी का मिश्रण बनाकर किसी प्याली में रख दें। लगातार कुछ दिनों तक नियमित रूप से इसका तिलक लगाते रहने से वशीकरण की शक्ति उत्पन्न हो जाती है।   राई और प्रियंगु को ‘ह्रीं’ मंत्र द्वारा अभिमंत्रित करे। फिर ये जिस किसी  के ऊपर डाल दें तो वह वश में हो जाता है। सफेद गुंजा की जड़ को घिस कर माथे पर तिलक लगाने से […]

How to Bring Love Back In Marriage

There are many of the couples who are seeking how to bring love back in marriage? Because over a time of marriage,   often couple get busy with their works and other responsibility, this is why making time for each other becomes tricky and resultant of that either couple gets separated or harmony and happiness get faded from a relation. Although, some of the couples are from those, who can easily survive love and harmony in marriage just because of having a good understanding and effective communication. Some of the couples have a good understanding but still can’t survive their relation and keep love and harmony alive might be, they are undergoing through planetary position.  If you are also in such a complicated situation, love and harmony get faded from your relation then you should consult with astrology specialist.   The astrologer is the only one, who can get a study of the planet position and eliminate the bad impact of the planets. So whenever you will go in a shelter of specialist, they’ll recommend you powerful remedies, by which impact of […]

Love Spell to Make Love Marriage Work Optimally

  There is no one couple, who can say that they don’t want to make their marriage work, of course, all wanted to make it long lasting.  But the sometime cause of having issues and conflict couple can’t reach out that thing if you also the one then here is Love Spell to Make Love Marriage Work Optimally.      Love spell is an ancient powerful magic spell which can resolve all type of issues in short time. Basically, this magic spell used for resolving to love related issues as well as provide bring lost love back in life.  So, if you think that cause of having conflict and crisis your marriage is not working as before, along with harmony and happiness get faded the take help of Love astrology specialist. They will suggest your powerful and strong love spell, which will make your help to make your love marriage work as well as bring harmony and happiness back in your life.  So don’t wait too much, rapidly consult with a specialist and enjoy your love married life as you […]

प्रेमी प्रेमिका  को  वश में करने के उपाय

प्रेम सम्बन्ध में कही  उत्तार चढाव  आते  है, जिसके कारण बहुत प्रेमी प्रेमिका के बीच अनबन हो जाती है जिसके कारण कभी-कभी वो एक दूसरे से अलग हो जाते है. लेकिन अनबन का मतलब प्यार कम होना नही होता है वो फिर एक दूसरे  को चाहते है, लेकिन दोनों यही चाहे यह भी तो जरूरी नही है. अगर आपका पेम सम्बन्ध टूट गया है या किसी कारण से आपके प्रेमी/प्रेमिका आपसे दूर हो गए हो तो आप अब अपने  प्रेमी/प्रेमिका  को वश में करना / कर सकते हो. अगर आपके प्रेमी या प्रेमिका आपसे बात तक करने को तैयार नही है  तो सफेद गूंजा की जड़ को घिस ले और उससे तिलक कर ले, तिलक करने के बाद जब भी आपके प्रेमी/प्रेमिका आपके सामने आएंगे आपसे वशीभूत हो जायेंगे।   शनिवार के दिन एक सूंदर कठपुतली बनाये उस पर आपकी प्रेमिका का नाम लिखे और उसे वो कठपुतली  दिखाए, धीरे  धीरे आपकी प्रेमिका आपके वश में  जाएगी।   थोड़े से धतूरे के बीज ले और बिजौरे की जड़ दोने पीस ले फिर उस मिश्रण को आपके प्रेमी या प्रेमिकी को  सुंघाया   […]

Love Spell to Make Someone in Love 

Love is feeling which can make people life more wonderful but in this condition when both the parties have a feeling for each other.  When one love to another but another one doesn’t in this situation it make people life worse, if you are in this situation then here is Love spell to make someone in love.  Love spell basically uses for make someone in love and get desired one in life. No matter, from whom you love who are conscious of your feeling or not, that one has an affection for you or not and they want to be with you or not because love spell has the power to resolve all type of love related issues. So whenever you will take help of love spell your desired one will fall in love with along with that they will spend whole life with you.  So rapidly consult with astrology specialist and enjoy your rest of life with lots of joy and affection with your desired one. Love spell to make love relationship work Making someone fall in love is […]

Akarshan Mantra to Make Female Friend in Love     

Today’s often girls and boys get a study together and jobs too; in between they get attracted to each other, if you are the one, who get fall in love with your female friend want to get same feeling and affection from her side then here is Akarshan mantra to make a female friend in love.   There are many of the people like you, who are in love with their desired one, but not able to getting attraction and affection from their desired one sides, but you don’t need to worried because of having an akarshan mantra.  Yes, this mantra is very popular and powerful from ancient times to resolve all type of issues in a few times, whether it be major and minor.  So whenever you will take mantra with the help of astrologer, your female friend will pull towards you, slowly- slowly she will fall in love with you, so don’t wait too much, just consult with astrologer and see miracles and enjoy your rest of life with your beloved. Akarshan mantra to get lost love back Making […]

Tips To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

  Often people have some misconception about a long distance relationship is that it doesn’t work for long times. But if see then, it not true, because the longevity of a relationship depends only couples good understanding and genuine faith, if you are in this relation, want to make it long lasting then here is tips to make long distance relationship work. As you know, relation requires lots of love, caring and understanding to each other.  The healthy couple can do this is the reason, they can success to make it work, but if you think that something is going wrong with you, therefore, thing become toughest then you need to make consult with astrology specialist. They have knowledge of resolving that kind of issues along with they provide powerful remedies, which make help to people in short times, no matter, and from which situation they are going and why you are not able to get overcome.  Whenever you will go in the shelter of them, they will suggest you powerful remedies that will make your help and make your […]

Way to Have Peace Full Love Relationship

Every couple wants lovely and peaceful relation, but thing becomes toughest in a relation because some of the couples don’t know how to deal with issues.  If you find yourself in this critical situation then here is a way to have a peaceful love relationship. Making a relation peaceful is not a bit of complicated; simple it requires more attention and time of the couple to each other. But unfortunately, some of the couples can’t make time together and you know survive love, harmony and peaceful from a relation become toughest.  But if you indeed want to make your love relationship peace full then you need to make a consult with a best famous astrologer. They have knowledge of many astrological along with they have many services of astrology, which will make your help and make your love relationship work and peace full. So don’t wait too much just consult with them and enjoy your lovely life with life with lots of joy. Way to keep harmony alive in a love relationship Who one couple doesn’t want to make their […]