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Way to Healing a Relationship after Separation

Many of time it happens in the relationship that cause of many of issues couple get fed up with the daily-daily dispute and they make a decision to get separate from each other but after separate living separate from each other is become harder and the resultant of that people search the way to healing a relationship after separation. Are you also the one who is belongs to same situation and searching the ways to for heal up your broken relationship then the first thing what can make help you is your own effort and if you have tried everything but you are failed every time then one there is only one thing which can make help you is Vedic Astrology. Vedic astrology is a powerful way to deal with any kind of issues no matter whether it is harder or easiest issue. When you use this mantra for healing your relationship then it will gonna to work perfectly for you, there are several of tactics are defined in Vedic astrology which will help you to get back your relationship […]

Astrology Decide Who Can Take The Custody Of Child

There is dictum – ‘marriages are created in heavens’ that is true for a few couples however not for those couples who are surviving a rough patch in their married life. The cases of divorce are on an increase and custody of youngsters a significant issue. Who can get the custody? Once can it happen? These are the queries that bother the couples fighting for divorce. Allow us to associate alleys these queries from an astrology purpose of read. The house of mother is fourth and of the daddy is ninth. The karaka of the mother is moon and of the daddy is sun. The location of separate planets i.e. Sun, Saturn, Rahu, mars and Ketu in these homes shows the chance of separation from father or mother. The Karakas also are afflicted and weak in strength. The period of fundamental measure is once the dasa period of separate planets are operative. If the dasa amount shows a mixture of homes three and nine, custody goes to the daddy and if the mixture shows homes four and eight, custody goes […]

Gem Therapy In Vedic Astrological Remedies

The basic principal of gem medical aid is straightforward. If a planet is weak and is additionally useful and auspicious in birth the chart, then such a planet ought to be reinforced by gems of that planet. Each astrological planet is related to a specific gem. The Bhashma of any Gems (powder extract) is extensively employed in piece of writing for its beneficial criteria. For astrometry functions, the gem is embedded within the ring or pendant in such a fashion that very base is untied, permitting the gem to the touch the body (Diamond is exclusion). Varahmihir, the author of ancient astrological text, Brihat Veda, recommends that a gem having a decent shine, clean and clear-color and while not flaws ensures smart luck and protection. Gem therapy in vedic astrology reading There are 2 theories on the employment of gem for astrological purpose. The primary relies on the principle of enhancing a specific ray or color result wherever the gem acts like electronic equipment. Source of this idea may be copied back to the Samhita, wherever humans’ are suggested to […]

Architectural: spouse should avoid sleep in this direction; otherwise the dispute may take place

Architectural: spouse should avoid sleep in this direction; otherwise the dispute may take place Architectural error affect the life of the different members have dissimilar. Tension between spouse defects can cause conflict. Identify what direction or position we might do, what impact on the architectural defect     Direction for spouse during sleep to avoid dispute 1 husband and igneous angle (east-south) should never sleep. It will be unrest in mind the day of the event will be controversy. 2. Southern Naahrity (west-south), North ethereal (north-west) or Western Naahrity (west-south) build the right relations with other women may not have the husband, argue in the House of situation occur. If you have these flaws is to solve this problem its own. 3. Plan the time necessary to achieve the building (north-east) must leave the blank space and Naahrity angle (west-south) than the fall will remain harmony among husband and wife. 4- Household head northeast (north-east) and son-in-law’s Naahrity angle (west-south) should not sleep in. This is likely to be suffering at home. 5- Married person family aerial angle (north-west) should […]

Dan, Punnya and Law of Karma: The Interconnection

Dan, Punnya and Law of Karma: The Interconnection We like human beings are usually used to working for our own profit or profitable gain but at the same time charitable trust, contribution or giving for the sake of others, just for the sake of humankind is measured a noble title deed. Today we will measure up to the concept of charity with that of “daan” and see whether they destined he same thing. The idea of daan in Hinduism basically means giving something in order to help others and also they are done in order to improve one’s individual life. What Benefits Can I Get By Doing Dan? People ask me that if we do daan for the sake of profit, is it not any different from say any business deal or a selfish act. I can only say that what we classify as selfless act is essentially also done in order to have peace of mind. How it works at subtle level? You may wonder how giving something or helping others can help to get better your life. From […]

ध्यान रखिये ये कुछ बातें अगर घर में है तुलसी का पौधा

प्राचीन समय से ही धर्म ग्रंथो के अनुसार तुलसी का पौधा बहुत पवित्र माना गया है तथा यह कहा  गया है की हर घर में तुलसी का पौधा अवश्य होना चाहिए । हमारे धर्म ग्रंथो में तुलसी को देवी का स्वरुप माना गया है अर्थात बहुत ही पूजनीय । इस कारण यह बताया गया है की अगर  घर में तुलसी का पौधा है तो इन बातों का विशेष रूप से ध्यान रखें । घर में तुलसी का पौधा होने से व कुछ बातो का ध्यान रखे तो घर में सुख शांति व समृद्धि बनी रहती है । घर के सभी सदस्य सकारात्मक ऊर्जा का आनद लेते है तथा हर काम में सफलता प्राप्त करते है । शिवलिंग पे नहीं चढ़ाते तुलसी के पत्ते प्राचीन कथा के अनुसार तुलसी प्राचीन समय के राजा शंखचूड़ की पत्नी थी  और बहुत ही पतिव्रता थी । उनकी इस शक्ति के कारण कोई भी उस राजा को मारने में असमर्थ था । इसीलिए छल से एक दिन भगवान विष्णु ने तुलसी का पतिव्रता व्रत भंग कर  दिया और तब भगवान शिव ने उस राजा को […]