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Architectural: spouse should avoid sleep in this direction; otherwise the dispute may take place

Architectural: spouse should avoid sleep in this direction; otherwise the dispute may take place Architectural error affect the life of the different members have dissimilar. Tension between spouse defects can cause conflict. Identify what direction or position we might do, what impact on the architectural defect     Direction for spouse during sleep to avoid dispute 1 husband and igneous angle (east-south) should never sleep. It will be unrest in mind the day of the event will be controversy. 2. Southern Naahrity (west-south), North ethereal (north-west) or Western Naahrity (west-south) build the right relations with other women may not have the husband, argue in the House of situation occur. If you have these flaws is to solve this problem its own. 3. Plan the time necessary to achieve the building (north-east) must leave the blank space and Naahrity angle (west-south) than the fall will remain harmony among husband and wife. 4- Household head northeast (north-east) and son-in-law’s Naahrity angle (west-south) should not sleep in. This is likely to be suffering at home. 5- Married person family aerial angle (north-west) should […]

Astrology tips to save your marriage from disputes

No one can live alone in this world, everyone needs a partner whom with they can carry a beautiful life and dreams. For life time togetherness marriage is the relation in which two partners from heart dedicated to each other and do everything to bring just one smile on face of the partner. But in marriage crisis also may come any time but if someone is able to handle these crisis maturely then you can save your marriage but if your ego is stopping you to do all this it is difficult to handle the situation. No one wants to destroy or over his marriage relation and always to keep it as it is. If today there are so many conflicts then next day all conflicts will eliminate. This is the specialty of relation but disputes are growing for more than one day then it becomes a problematic scenario to handle your marriage. Cause of lack of love in marriage a lot like both give minimum time to know each other’s daily day activities or listen to each other. This […]