Gems And Birth Months

Don’t Ignore Your Birthstone’s Healing Powers!

People have been wearing and using Zodiac stones and birthstones for thousands of years. In modern day, we often use these terms interchangeably, but they actually have very different origins and meanings. Birthstones are gemstones (both precious and semi-precious) that are assigned to a specific month. Many of the gemstones chosen had traditional associations with the planets and the Zodiac. However, birthstones, which go by the month rather than by the dates of the Zodiac, can be misleading. For example, if you were born in November, then your birthstone would be a Golden Topaz or a Citrine crystal. However, if you were born November 1st-22nd, then you are a Scorpio, but if you were born November 23rd-30th, you are a Sagittarius. Scorpio and Sagittarius each have ancient connections with planets and gemstones that far pre-date the modern assignment of the stones to the months of the year. Since Zodiac stones have a correspondence to the planet that rules over that zodiac sign, I recommend choosing a Zodiac crystal rather than a modern birthstone. Wearing or using crystals for their Astrological/Zodiac […]