Interesting Facts About Vaastu

Are you the Victim of Unfavorable Vastu?

Vaastu may be a modus Vivendi within which we are able to mix the traditional system of structure formations and system of logic of energies to form a formula for a stronger living. It will be outlined as a guide for healthy design, which incorporates forms, shapes, scales, colors, sources and out flows of water etc. The term vaastu is extremely common and is also better-known by the name of Vaastu Shastra. In keeping with common belief, vaastu is taken into account as an orthodox methodology of living. However this is often a thought. Vaastu means that excellent balance between all the 5 components i.e. Earth, water, fire, space, and air, additionally balance between all the refined energies prevailing within the surroundings. These refined energies can’t be seen however will be perceived. Understanding the refined energies that are electromagnetic energies, star energies, attractive force energies, are all cosmic truths if these are harmonious they produce sensible vaastu surroundings and improve the standard of our life. Vaastu may be a modus Vivendi within which we are able to mix the traditional […]

Some important & Interesting Facts about Vastu

Some important & Interesting Facts about Vastu Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means architecture and the science of manner is called Vastu shastrra.  It is a mainly an Indian concept that was used by generation to construct houses and building. But, in the previous few years the rich and the well-known started using this era old skill in modern day the benefits were felt and soon everyone wanted to have a house that followed the basic rules of Vastu. What exactly is this science? Fine Vastu believe that the world is made up of five elements earth, water, space, air and fire. It all depends on how we place these elements in our house. The placement of these elements can improve wealth, calm, health etc. For example according to Vastu the kitchen should be in the southeast. As this part of the home is slightest effected by dust and germs it helps to cook healthy foodstuff. The main door of the house should be in east or northeast this brings in success to the house. A bedroom should be in the south to […]