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18 Vastru Rules to Follow in Kitchen Design

Eating, inhalation and sleeping are the 3 most essential things for survival. Whereas air comes freed from value and no effort or coming up with is needed for breath, and sleep comes naturally at the top of a tough day’s work, it’s intake that we want to pay special attention to. Food is ready during a kitchen. It shouldn’t solely be alimentary, however Vastu Shastra lays down bound basic rules for the look of the kitchen and prescribes an area for everything in it, in addition because the rules for the person preparation the meal to make sure a healthy and happy life. As per the Vastu Shastra, the kitchen ought to ideally be settled within the South-Eastern a part of the house. The ruling planet of the kitchen is alleged to be Venus, whereas hearth is kitchen structure’s ruling component. Here’s what you wish to stay in mind whereas coming up with your kitchen style consistent with Vastu. 1. The kitchen shouldn’t be settled beneath or higher than the pooja space, rest kitchen or bedchamber. It ought to ideally […]