Meaning of Dreams in Hindi

Dream Symbol and Symbolic Facts About Dream

Sleeping time is the most favorite time of generally every one and it is necessary to energize our body and mind for next day. Dreams are also an unavoidable part of sleeping and these are not useless as per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, western astrology etc. Dreams show some special signs about past, present and future. But it is not easily understood by common person. Here i am going to reveal the facts of dreams astrology. Some dreams show the good luck while some frightening dreams are indicating about some problems in present and future. Some Good Dreams or Auspicious Dreams Which Show Something Good: If you see sun in the dream then it means that very soon you are going to see a Saint or spiritual persons. Way to get blessings from this dream is confirmed in near future. If you see clouds in dream then be happy because this dreams is indicating that you are going to get growth in your business and work. In dreams if you see riding horse then it also shows growth in business. […]