The Circle of Life after Life

Three Gunas Plays The Game Of Life

Life is an interaction of 3 gunas specifically sattva, rajas and tamas. Shakespear aforementioned, “Life may be a stage and that we are all actors doing our roles in life.” The god of sattva is lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma is that the lord of rajas and tamas is lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is loved by most as we tend to all worry death and suffering. Lord shiva was loved by Ravana, the king of rakshasas. He’s the sole god who grants desires to individuals dominated by tamas. Lord Shiva is that the god of tamas therefore all the intoxicating medicine and wine, alcohols etc. are related to him. The present generation is rajas dominant. All the discoveries of contemporary day are by-products of rajas. It’s created the comforts that ancient individuals might have solely unreal off! But in following our dreams of comfort and achievements we’ve got crossed the boundaries of rajas guna. We’ve got neglected the peace and relaxation of tamas guna each at the small level still because the macro level. We’ve got destroyed nature for our comforts. […]